Hi, I am Sonja!

I was born and raised in Namibia. I completed my Bachelor in Applied Design in Stellenbosch. After that, my path took me to Germany, where I did my Master in Photography with the aim of becoming a photojournalist. I thought I wanted to pursue a professional career in photojournalism, taking me to places that report on breaking news.

Until it struck me (quite a few years later, but so glad it did!): I do not want breaking news, I want happy moments. I realised that capturing small little happy moments between grandma and granddad, a glimpse of the groom seeing his wife-to-be walking down the aisle and the joyous laughs of friends and family, is worth so much more. We forget how important those little moments in life are.

In 2014 my journey brought me back home, where it took 3 years, until I picked my camera up again! Life sometimes runs in the weirdest ways and that is okay. I love being creative and I love Art, so, while I was putting my camera to the side, I focused on other art mediums and by coincidence found my way to Pyrography - which (basically) means burning pretty things into wood or even leather. And I still do that today - have a look under the Wood Burning section - I absolutely enjoy doing it!

Over the years, more and more friends and family kept on asking me to take photos. This is how I fell back in love with my camera and this beautiful way of capturing real, raw moments, yet, never losing my artsy touch to it. I am very involved in and enthusiastic about the artistic endeavours of photography. And here I am today: I turned my passions into my living and expanded into quite a few areas in photography: Wedding, Family, Maternity and Estate Photography and Creative and Business Portraiture.

So, how do I work? I like to get to know you. I am definitely always in favour to get together over a coffee, or tea, or beer, whatever it may be, and chat. When we meet, I want you to feel comfortable straight away. When I take photos of you and your loved ones, I want you- the real YOU- in front of the camera. Being authentic is the key to every beautiful image. My photographic style is up until today rather photo-journalistic - I tend to take the images as they happen, evolving in front of me. I do not edit the images excessively, I just do not believe in making bodies and faces slimmer, or eyes bigger, or make you look like a different version of yourself. There is only one unique YOU and you can be proud of it!

I love trying out new things and, in the process, better my knowledge and techniques. I never stop learning. No place is too far away for me- I will travel to the end of the world for a photo shoot! Adventure much!?!?

This is me. This is my story, my philosophy and my key to happiness.

Let's meet!

“Be fearlessly authentic. Bravely be you.”