When the little school in Grootfontein, contacted me and asked me to capture images that show what the school is about and visualise their

day-to-day life in an authentic way, I was honoured!

I can only imagine that living in a tiny town, and trying to provide the best education for your kids, must not be easy. You need resources, sponsors, and dedicated people that show up every day to make it work! The school was established in 1938, and up until today, it provides top education for young children in the northern part of Namibia. So, when I drove the 460km up north, I did not know what to expect. But one thing that I can tell you is, that I did not envision this small school to be this amazing! First things first, when I arrived, Jobal, the cute fluffy dog, announced my presence to everyone in school with a loud bark. As I entered the school, I was greeted by two parrots that made all kinds of funny noises and repeated many words, some were very nice! Next, I was greeted by the "Heimoma", who, I was later told by the children, is the best cook and makes the most delicious cakes. I was lucky enough to be a bit too early and therefore was able to have coffee and cake with the staff before the day began. I can definitely agree, the cake was divine! I really enjoyed meeting the principal, staff, and children of this school.

The main building, the classrooms, the handcraft and art room, the common room, kitchen, the garden, and the playground are well kept and looked after. It is cozy, friendly, and feels a lot like home. A home away from home.