You probably already know that I’m all about printing your wedding photos! I don’t consider my job as wedding photographer done until I’ve helped you do something with your photos so that you can see them and enjoy them just about everyday. Whether you hang up a wall display of framed photos in your office or a large canvas wrap above the mantle, seeing those images every day means you get to relive your wedding day for at least a short moment each time you walk past the photos. But wedding albums are special because they tell the full story of the day. Who wouldn’t want a book written about them? Well your album is kind of like that, only wayyyy more beautiful to look at. 

You’ve chosen your wedding photographer and now you need to decide: “Album or no album? That is the question”! Today I’m sharing my top 4 reasons why you should invest in a wedding album!


Having a wedding album is a great way to tell the love story of how your family began! I know that planning a wedding is not simple or cheap. You are probably thinking that opting for a less expensive photography package will help keep your costs down. But your wedding day photos are one of the only items that will be leftover from your wedding, and you will cherish them for a lifetime. Even though wedding albums can be costly, you should consider investing in one to carry on your family’s legacy. Can you picture yourself flipping through the pages of your wedding album with your children or your grandchildren?

I remember as a child, my grandmother tenderly telling us stories from the past. She used to tell us about the family members that were no longer with us and all about her and grandpa’s young days. Unfortunately, I had to imagine most of it, because she did not have the photos to illustrate the story of her life. In modern times, we can easily illustrate every grandmother’s story.

It makes me filled with joy and happiness to hand-design wedding albums for my clients, and to work with amazing local businesses, that firstly print and hand bind your book, and secondly hand make a unique leather cover!


There will likely come a day when Facebook is irrelevant and the next social media platform has arrived. Remember MySpace? Yeah. Things come and go. Same goes with technology. Back in the day you received your photos on a personalised DVD. Now most computers, if not ALL, do not even come with a DVD drive anymore! But you know what’s been around for thousands of years and will never require a particular software or a password or the latest technology to read? A book. A paper book. That means you know your wedding album can always be enjoyed no matter where the trends and changes in technology take us. 


You planned your dream wedding for months. You spent several thousand dollars on your special day. Why not show it off? Ok, you may say: “I did, I shared the images on social media”. I get that! While I am a huge fan of social media, just like technology, we don’t know how long these websites and content outlets will be available.

Also, albums make great coffee table décor at your new home! Your dinner guests can flip through the pages of your wedding album and relive one of the best days of your life. Those who were not in attendance at your wedding will get to see how beautiful and detailed your day was.

Lastly, most couples never end up printing their photos. Can you believe that?! Couples who don’t choose printing through their photographer, almost never print their wedding day photos! Day to day life goes by so quickly and suddenly you realize years have come and gone and you still haven’t printed your photos. By choosing a photography package with an album you are guaranteed to have your album just a few months after saying “I do”.


You hired your photographer for a reason and though wedding photography is not always thought of as “art” in the traditional sense of the word, it is an expression of your photographer’s viewpoint and creativity. That’s art. And the finished work of a photograph is in a print form, not a .jpg file. There’s something special about seeing your photographs in print and being able to hold and touch the pages. A wall display is one thing, but being able to flip through the pages and hold the book in your lap brings a sense of nostalgia and excitement you can’t get elsewhere. 

If you definitely want a wedding album but are hesitant about the financial investment, add it to your wedding registry! A wedding album is the perfect gift and is something your guests will love to contribute to.

A wedding album is more than a photo book. As memories fade, your photos only grow in value and your wedding album will be priceless.