Where did you learn photography?

Photography was one of the main courses while I did my BA in Applied Design in Stellenbosch. That's where I fell in love with photography! After that I headed to Germany to do a Masters in Photography.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

I love travelling! So definitely yes!

Will there be a second shooter?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I normally am a solo photographer, but, if available, a assistant/ second shooter will accompany me. I always let my clients know way in advance which case it may be.

What is the coverage duration at a wedding?

Normally photographers do between 5 to 8 hours in the various packages they offer. I do not do that. I am there from start to finish, unless the bridal couple tells me not too, I am there for 12 hours. That is standard in all packages. Leaving midway just does not cut it for me, I want to be there and capture everything so you have all the moments to cherish afterwards.

What kind of gear do you use?

I am a Nikon girl. I have a D750 as my first camera and a D7200 as my second camera. Those I carry around all day. I do work with flash as well, so I am able to work in all light scenarios.

How far in advance should we book you for our Wedding?

My calendar fills up quickly so you should plan to book about 18 months in advance. If you are planning on a shorter time frame, please EMAIL ME to check availability!

Do you do video too?

No, I provide photography only. I prefer to do the absolute best job and provide the absolute highest quality of work for you, and there is no way that I could do that if I were trying to do two things at the same time. I am solely focused at your wedding on capturing beautiful photos that you will preserve in your album and frame on your walls. I would be more than happy to give you referrals of excellent videographers who share a similar mindset.

Can you make me thinner in photoshop?

I do edit each and every image I give to you, but, I do not believe in making you look like a different version of yourself. I do take away blue marks, pimples, and basically anything that would not be there in a weeks time. I do not make your eyes bigger, your nose thinner, and your double chin disappear where you are clearly laughing in pure joy. Why, because that is you. And you are beautiful just the way you are!

Can we receive all photos taken, also the unedited ones?

Short and sweet answer: No. I carefully hand pick each photo. So the ones you did not receive just didn't make the cut: eyes closed, someone walking into the frame, laughing with food in mouth, etc. I make sure you get a variety of images that really capture the perfect moments, and I thank you for trusting my professional eye.

What is the "online gallery" you mention in your collection?

The online gallery is a private, password protected section on my website where all of your photographs are available for you and your family and friends to view. It is also the way I deliver the images to you. With a given PIN you can download your images right away!

Can you "hold" a date for us?

I am sorry, to be fair I cannot hold a date for you. The date is 100% set upon a signed contract and a 50% deposit. Thank you for understanding!

Do we need to provide you with food and a seat?

Yes please! To be on point and fully functional on a 12 hour work day I would appreciate to have a meal and a seat during the "quiet times" during the reception.

What about accommodation and travel costs?

The full accommodation is to be provided by the client, if the venue is outside of Windhoek. Travel/fuel is an additional surcharge, that will be calculated according to AA rates and the travel distance from Windhoek to the venue.

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