Professional, Bold, Unique

Your profile photo is the first thing potential employers [or business owners] will see, and it takes just 0.5 seconds for that profile photo to make that first impression! Professional business portraits are an increasingly important marketing tool. You can include a professional head shot on your business card, Portfolio or CV. A photo of you on any professional websites can help draw attention to your work.

As a business owner, you build the brand, and in most cases, how you portray yourself, makes or breaks the brand! Today, companies, groups and brands are using personality across the whole organisation: from front office, to back office; from the reception to the boardroom. This extends across all aspects of a brand from the logo type to the photography. A brand, after all, is the very essence of a business – it is personality and character – visual or otherwise. Having professional business portraits of you and your team, always helps to communicate that personality.