Steffi and Hanjo contacted me at the beginning 2019. Three years ago we did not even hear or know anything of Covid and it would have never come to mind that only one year later the world would come to a halt - and with that, all plans and all excitement for celebrating a wedding in Namibia would get postponed. Planning a wedding in Namibia all the way from Germany definitely came with new challenges, especially at this time, but, in the end, with a few more date changes, venue changes, and guest list changes, all worked out perfectly. After three years of being in close contact and writing back and forth with each other all the time, it felt like we have known each other for so long when we first met in person on the wedding day. We hugged and greeted as long last friends finally reunited. Thank you, Steffi and Hanjo, for embracing me with your warmth!

It was a beautiful, intimate, little wedding! What made it even more special was the christening of their sweet baby girl, who was born in the meantime.

That is the beauty of life and love.