Best thing about this shoot: This is part of my family! My cousin, Norbert, lives in Germany, so, when he finally came for a visit again this year, he decided to present my uncle with a family photo session for his birthday. Glad to say I was picked as the photographer :)

So, off we went to spend an hour at Avis dam. I really cannot stress enough how important these photos are, and what they will be worth in just a few years. It is so important to have a few photos of everyone as memories. We grow up, we change in appearance, we do not live in the same countries anymore nowadays. So to have something to look back on is priceless. In these photos, you will find sisters and brothers, father and grandfather, father and son-in-law, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, granddaughter and grandson, mom and dad, husband and wife, and last but not least, girlfriend. Who I met for the first time, by the way. She is great! See. This is special.