When Journeys Namibia approached me if I would like to take photos of the Shipwreck Lodge, we knew that many talented photographers from Namibia and all over the world captured the magical and spectacular Lodge in the most amazing photographs before. So, to hopefully give a different point of view, I focused mainly on the details.

All the small details, combined, make Shipwreck as stunning as it is. Because of those little details, it becomes an experience of a lifetime. If you walk into the entrance hall, the restaurant and common room you are greeted with ice cold home made juice, comfy blankets, a cosy atmosphere, an amazing view to the ocean and incredible pieces of art, hand made and locally produced. You can play chess - and if you are lucky - you will be challenged by one of the guides - they are good, I'll tell you.

There is sparkling wine, glittery cushions, food that deserves a Michelin Star!

Every room has its own fire place for those cold nights in the desert, and your coffee mug has its own knitted warmer to make sure you do not burn your fingers, but your coffee stays warm in the morning, while you lay in bed enjoying the view.

The complimentary sherry to enjoy as a night cap, is locally made and taste divine. The guides, the cook, the helpful ladies, all of the staff are so friendly, super informative about history and nature, you feel welcomed with open arms. And last but not least, the activities and the surrounding nature is worth a visit. You think that it will be "dead' in the desert - once you spot the little geckos, insects, and the flora - you notice its far from that. We were very fortunate to be witness of the Hoarusib River flowing right into the ocean - a rare sight.

I can go on and on to tell you that it is absolutely worth to visit - but see for yourself! A destination that should be on everyone's bucket list.

From the rooms, the food, the staff, to the activities and nature - once your eye captures all those small details - you really start to understand what the Shipwreck Lodge is all about and how much love, time, thought and effort goes into making it a top class Lodge in the most incredible landscape.